About Mehrdad Javaherian

Throughout his career as an engineer and environmental epidemiologist, Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian has worked on a number of prominent projects throughout the United States. He currently serves as the technical director of a groundwater remediation project for the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In this role, Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian oversaw ex-situ thermal desorption of PCE and TCE impacts in the soil, as well as in-situ bioremediation of TCE and PCE in groundwater.

Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian also serves as a program manager and is in charge of quality control for site investigation and remedial alternatives evaluations at a former Atlas 4 missile site at Lincoln Air Force Base in Nebraska City, NE. During his time on this project, he directed remedial investigation activities, conducted vapor-intrusion risk assessment, prepared feasibility studies, and created decision documents for remediation. Dr. Javaherian has also published arti6cles and delivered conference presentations on topics such as best management practices on carbon dioxide emissions and sustainable remediation of soils using both in-situ and ex-situ technologies.

Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian holds degrees in civil and environmental engineering, public health, and a PhD in Epidemiology.


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